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Burning chrome.jpg
You might be curious about the name of this website. Chrome is the shortening of "burning chrome" the nickname I use, sometimes preceded by "matt", on instant message softwares or on gmail, and it dates back to Burning Chrome a collection of short cyberpunk stories written by William Gibson.

Burning Chrome gave the real kick to the cyberpunk literary movement and it was the first book were the 'cyberspace' term was used. Before writing it William Gibson wrote Neuromancer and it turns out it is related to the reason why I started my research in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. At some point my research moved naturally to Pattern Recognition, and guess what? William Gibson more recently wrote the Pattern Recognition novel!

Although I am generally inspired by cyberpunk (and science fiction in general), M.C. Escher art has a huge influence on this website graphics, as you can easily guess. But please notice that all M.C. Escher works are copyrighted by The M. C. Escher Company B.V., P.O. Box 101, 3740 AC Baarn, The Netherlands.